As scientists, it is often important that our research impacts the greater scientific community, if not simply by furthering our current knowledge. We do a decent job of this through our publications and posters, our talks and our seminars. However, science is somewhat of an intimate, members-only club, to which the public is generally excluded. Even when the information is available to the masses, it is often filled with jargon and data not easily interpreted. Therefore, one of the main goals of Alex's career is to help in bridging the gap between science and everyone else. Utilizing the many outlets of social media now available at the click of a mouse, she enjoys making science and it's concepts more accessible to a wider audience through unique and novel avenues. 

Current Projects 

Deep Sea News

Science Writer


President & Board Member


Deputy Director


Beneath the Waves Film Festival

Director of Social Media & Marketing

The Bio Logik Project

Co-Coordinator & Mentor

Marine Ecology & Biology Student Association

Student Seminar Coordinator